sting meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sting meaning in tamil is கொடுக்கு, கொட்டு

sting meaning in tamil with example

sting tamil meaning and more example for sting will be given in tamil.
Davangere MP Siddeshwar said here on Saturday that the sting operation on 11 MPs who were caught allegedly taking money for raising questions in the Lok Sabha was a neatly woven melodrama enacted by the Congress I to cover up its corrupt practices. The Sunday Times which carried out the sting operation said it sent a typed manuscript of Sir Vidias Booker Prize winning novel under an assumed name to 20 publishers and agents 151 and all turned it down. These MPs were caught on camera accepting money for raising questions in Parliament during a sting operation by the website Reiterating that it was nothing short of a sting operation he alleged that the plot for keeping total surveillance on me had been hatched by a journalistMP Congress spokesperson Ambika Soni and the 10 Janpath people. In reply to a question Mr. He said such an inquiry was particularly significant as rumours were making the rounds that even the sting operation that led to the expulsion of 11 MPs from the Parliament was patronised by the intelligence agencies. He called for making laws to regulate sting operations stating that such laws were in force in other countries. Home Secretary V.K. Duggal told mediapersons that he had now got the latest report from the Delhi Police Commissioner and wished to confirm that the phone tapping was a sting operation conducted by a private detective for monetary and other gains. Perhaps a sting operation in which a little known BJP politician will be caught on camera taking Rs.