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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sticker meaning in tamil is ஒட்டுப் படம்

sticker meaning in tamil with example

sticker tamil meaning and more example for sticker will be given in tamil.
A man was arrested on Monday for allegedly using a photocopy of a Home Ministry sticker on his Tata Indica car at Tilak Marg in New Delhi. While investigations revealed that the MHA sticker had expired during interrogation Sanjay allegedly disclosed that his former driver had pasted the sticker on the car and he had forgotten to remove it. Since Ambassador cars are mostly used by senior Government functionaries and VVIPs the police fear that the missing vehicle bearing VIP sticker could be used to carry out a terrorist strike. All buses carrying rallyists from the various States would be given a rally sticker when they enter the Capital. All the rally vehicles would be given a sticker at the borders when they enter the Capital and would take Ring Road to reach Rajghat. The eight per cent duty reduction for the small car has translated into a tangible and immediate lowering of the sticker price by up to Rs. The drivers who wanted to drive a vehicle that did not have his name on the sticker would have to inform the area police station and obtain a certificate. The other day a scribe was stunned when he was waved down for a challan by two overzealous cops for a very serious offence a portion of a sticker on the front number plate had peeled off slightly and this the cops insisted was in violation of the rules. Besides a sticker on the mechanised boat bore the following address Diyakawa Marine Miltons 84 first cross street Colombo 011 325344. 144 at Kakkamvelli LP School in Nadapuram after it was noticed that a black sticker was pasted against the name of UDF candidate M.