steward meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
steward meaning in tamil is விமானம், உணவு விடுதி) பணியாளன்

steward meaning in tamil with example

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A steward dressed in Goan Konkani style is ready to serve at the Seafood festival currently on at Hotel Fortune Kences in Tirupati on Saturday. Volunteering an explanation for differing results Steward Reynolds head of the Analytical Services Unit of the CSL said it was not possible to comment on this without access to CSEs raw data their exact methodology and standard operating procedures. Sreenivas was elected Chairman and Senior Steward of the Mysore Race Club at the Managing Committee meeting held on Aug. Siraj Attari south zone steward of the Indian Polo Association also outlined the plans to start a national polo academy in Hyderabad soon.