stencil meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
stencil meaning in tamil is அச்சுத்தாள்

stencil meaning in tamil with example

stencil tamil meaning and more example for stencil will be given in tamil.
The authors did not withdraw the book when journalists found that their claims about the Priory of Sion came from documents forged on a cheap stencil by a French neofascist conman called Pierre Planchard who said he was the rightful Merovingian king of France. The workshop includes fabric painting glass painting pot painting stencil painting nib painting and kalamkari painting from April 21. A group of journalists on a tour of Japan recently tried their hands at the traditional Yuzen stencil dyeing process on a handkerchief and returned home with their masterpiece as souvenirs. Yamamoto explained the stencil painting process in Japanese and translated by Ikuko Okada the guide.