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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
stench meaning in tamil is துர்நாற்றம்

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Next the dogs and the pigs take over turning the garbage over and over again till the stench is allpervading. The residents said that an unbearable stench emanated from the waste dumps in the yard and that even breathing became difficult once they stepped out of their houses. The other issues that deter people from using the ground are the stench emanating from the Buckingham Canal and the lack of adequate parking. Regular commuters complained of the stench and residents organisations have expressed concern over the pollution of the lake. Manivannan resident has to travel the stretch between Avadi and Pattabhiram regularly and finds the stench unbearable. Venkateswar Rao Bansilalpet Unbearable stench For quite some time now the atmosphere in and around Habsiguda has become polluted and in recent times has worsened. Stains of paan and stench wafting from toilets too will soon be history at least in a few longdistance trains passing through south Indias largest railway junction Vijayawada. When Virender Sehwag had trooped off a disconsolate look at the wreckage behind and a suspicious one at the track the stench of ignominy hung heavy in the tense Sunday air. More than 1000 pedestrians from the nearby Weavers Colony who use the stretch to reach their homes complain of headache and nausea because of the stench emanating from the garbage. The scene is no different in railway stations.Unable to bear the stench inside these toilet complexes many urinate and defecate in the open posing a new set of problems.