stem meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
stem meaning in tamil is நடுத்தண்டு, தண்டு

stem meaning in tamil with example

stem tamil meaning and more example for stem will be given in tamil.
Recent doubts about the work of the South Korean stem cell researcher Woosuk Hwang suggest the British achievement may in fact have been a world first. The hope is that cloned embryos could be used to extract stem cell lines tailored to individual patients. Typically the mix of nutrients growth factors and blood serum used to keep the cells healthy is derived from animals 151 in the case of human embryonic stem cells the materials come from mouse embryos. All of the concerns about contaminating proteins in existing stem cell lines can essentially be removed using this medium said Tenneille Ludwig a University of WisconsinMadison scientist working at WiCell the company which led the effort to develop the new culture medium. Professor Thomson said researchers had previously grown stem cell cultures without animal products but those methods used poorly defined or proprietary products. In early 2005 WiCell scientists reported that they were able to culture stem cells in the absence of mouse cells the most commonly used animal product in stem cell culture systems. The two new Wisconsin stem cell lines have survived for more than seven months in the new culture medium. Scientists have called for a relaxation of the rules because existing stem cell lines have been shown to accumulate genetic mutations. Not to be left out completely Srichaphan did come up with a shot or two but it seemed to stem more out of frustration and irritation than a need to grab a point. A private hospital for women and children at Ulloor in the city has set up a bank that enables parents to store umbilical cord blood which is a potential source of stem cells that can help treat genetic disorders.