stealing meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
stealing meaning in tamil is திருட்டுதனமாக

stealing meaning in tamil with example

stealing tamil meaning and more example for stealing will be given in tamil.
The police on Saturday arrested three persons on the charges of stealing goods from a dutypaid shop here on December 8. Three persons allegedly involved in stealing telephone cables have been arrested by the Crime Branch of the Delhi police. Earlier this year the gang had also killed a security guard at Anand Vihar in East Delhi when he tried to stop them from stealing cpables. Woman held on cheating charges Anna Square police arrested a woman on Saturday on charges of cheating people by promising them jobs and stealing their jewellery. A day after it cut off natural gas supplies to Ukraine over a price dispute Russia accused Ukraine of stealing Europebound gas from pipelines running across its territory. Six persons allegedly involved in stealing transformers have been arrested by the SouthWest Delhi police. Pardeep then roped in other four accomplices all of whom used to indulge in petty thefts into his gang and began stealing transformers. New Labour was not so much a product of pragmatism as of a deliberate political act of stealing the Tories ideological clothes and rebranding them in softer colours. Youth arrested The Patamata police on Tuesday arrested Dasari Siva Nageswara Rao 19 on the charge of stealing motorcycles. One person has been arrested by the Economic Offences Wing EOW of the Delhi police for allegedly cheating credit card holders of their money by stealing their data and showing fraudulent purchases against them. A Dalit youth accused of stealing a few iron pipes from a private hospital here was reportedly tortured after being detained for nearly 48 hours inside the hospital premises.