steady meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
steady meaning in tamil is நிதானமான

steady meaning in tamil with example

steady tamil meaning and more example for steady will be given in tamil.
These figures were arrived at through the dubious pugmark count and it is significant that the number of herbivore animals such as spotted deer and sambar did not increase proportionately to support tigers and leopards whose numbers were said to have registered a steady increase. He said the policies of the coalition Government in the State has led to the steady growth of naxalism. When the moon is reflected on the ocean the waves of the ocean make it appear restless but in reality the moon is steady and calm. For the average Bangalorean brought up on a steady dose of lowcost public entertainment closed doors were prohibitive forcefully claustrophobic. Piggeries have made it a practice to leave the swine in such plots where they get a steady supply of food at no extra cost. The hotel occupancy rates have registered a steady increase over the past three days and more people are expected to reach these areas a leading hotelier said. I wanted a steady income to sustain my poor and ailing mother but we were not even paid any wages lamented Vasantha. Cooking oil is bought in bulk and prices have remained steady but most darshinis use more than 5 kg of oil a day. Nayak said the bank had made steady progress in aligning information technology with business growth. Leadership race Kadimas standing in the polls stayed steady after Mr. The Indian Railways appear to be chugging along the right track and thanks to the steady increase in passenger and freight traffic the public sector monoliths financial performance is quite promising.