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Anna University ViceChancellor D.Viswanathan is known for his staunch opposition to using cellphones in university and college campuses by students. Shekhawat recalled how the Vedic scholar with his daunting intellect unwavering diligence and staunch commitment to journalistic excellence gave direction and leadership to Hindi journalism in general and the newspaper in particular. He practised different faiths before he became a staunch devotee of Lord Narayana through the influence of Peyazhwar. Former Corporator Chilla Satyavathi a staunch supporter of N.T. Rama Rao gets emotional during a meeting held in Visakhapatnam on Wednesday to mark the 10th death anniversary of partys founder. N.T. Rama Raos grandson Chaitanya Krish na is on left. The deceased had claimed to be a staunch Congress worker though he attempted to contest against Capt. Sooner or later these lineups will face tougher conditions and then the cry will go out for staunch batsmen to protect the middleorder from the new ball. Thomas College Kozhencherry and staunch environmentalist said it was time the Church came forward to protect the river system. He proclaims his deep faith in Christianity and states that he could become secular in his attitude and outlook owing to a staunch belief in Christianity which preached to the world to love ones brethren like oneself. The Supreme Court over a period has emerged as a staunch defender of the democratic rights of citizens against the excesses of the executive and the legislature.