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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
statistics meaning in tamil is புள்ளிவிபரங்கள்

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The statistics available in the postal department proves that national greeting mail is increasing by five per cent every year. Giving statistics on crime figures the IG said effective booking of more preventive cases against rowdies during the year resulted in the decrease of all heinous crimes. According to latest statistics released by National Crime Records Bureau the Pondicherry Police figures in the first five States for the highest detection of cases. According to statistics available with the district administration in 2003 158 infants were abandoned at the centre which increased to 207 in 2003. Crimes did take place in monotonous regularity especially in the last three months though the police statistics boast of less number of crimes comparing last year. The other permanent invitee to the CWC from the State is Union Minister of State for Statistics Oscar Fernandes. K.B. Krishnamurthy member of the Rajya Sabha is being continued as one of the secretaries of the AICC. A.K. Antony will continue as the AICC General Secretary in charge of the State. Shanta said the special needs of the underprivileged should not be addressed at the expense of academic merit and distinction while arguing that the countrys education statistics in 2001 gravely fell short of what it ought to have been after 50 years of independence. The statistics reveal that the number of total cases reported increased from 98796 in 2004 to 126963 in 2005 with the fine amount realised from these offences correspondingly going up from Rs.79.56 lakh to Rs.1.08 crore.