starvation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
starvation meaning in tamil is பட்டினி

starvation meaning in tamil with example

starvation tamil meaning and more example for starvation will be given in tamil.
The people who were going through starvation included families that had only very old people handicapped persons mentally challenged and widows Mr. The homeless women it points out are also exposed to the increased risk of illness and starvation associated with life on the street. But Kenyans are disappointed that the Government remains hit by scandals while there is drought and starvation in northern Kenya. In a resolution passed last week European parliamentarians strongly condemned the massive human rights violations such as executions deaths in concentration camps torture slave labour and starvation committed by Communist regimes and put an equation mark between Nazism and Communism. Even when starvation deaths were looming large and the country was facing economic bankruptcy in the past we refused to be cowed down by U.S. dictates. The alleged failure of the Left Front Government in improving the condition of the poor and containing starvation deaths will be highlighted during its campaign he said. Advani should undertake a rath yatra in Delhi and come to the rescue of lakhs of people who face starvation and unemployment due to court orders he declared. A meeting of the association here said that both contractors and workers were facing starvation because of the crisis in the building industry. K.T. Kunhahamedkutty Haji district president of the association presided over the meeting. He also spoke on custodial violence overcrowding in jails the large number of undertrials languishing in jails child marriages manual scavenging food security starvation deaths and health rights.