stars meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
stars meaning in tamil is நட்சத்திரம்

stars meaning in tamil with example

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On the first day they painted environmentrelated arts wrote creatively about environment prepared clay models and masks to cover their faces trekked and gazed stars in the night. Too many modern stars believe courtesy cars presidential suites million dollar paydays are their birthright but it was all built on the sacrifice of their predecessors who played for nothing and fought for a better deal. SHIKHAR At Shiela and other Delhi theatres Bollywood has often been accused of nursing reality phobia that in a land where millions do not get a drop of water to drink film stars make millions pedalling Pepsi and CocaCola. While a few clubs had roped in stars to entertain the crowds hotel guests made up for the absence of big names in several hotels in the city. The other stars included Pat Cash Ivan Ljubicic and the Amritraj brothers who also patiently played with the children. You can be sure it will be a flop but you will achieve what you desire to arrange a gettogether inviting politicians and film stars for the fifth birthday of your pet dog in a five star hotel. It is fair to say that glorious days are ahead for Carnatic music she said and added that youngsters have entered the field and shine like bright stars on the horizon and they would ensure the future of carnatic music. Lokesh 50 helped Rising Stars CC to beat Runway CC by 66 runs in the Rishab Jain Yuva Mandal trophy cricket tournament here on Monday. Being staged to mark the 20th death anniversary of Genet the play will be directed by Georges Lavaudant the director of Theatre de lOdeon in Paris and stars him along with French actor Astrid Bas and Ikhlaque Khan from Mumbai.