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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
standards meaning in tamil is மதிப்பீடுகள்

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The Bureau of Indian Standards BIS which oversees its implementation has come out with a revised NBC2005 a more comprehensive set of construction rules making provision for safe design and construction of buildings against natural disasters. Here again it is probably unwise to expect miracles in the form of a quantum jump in governance standards immediately. The deterioration of educational standards and rise in unemployment are due to this administrative lapse. It reckoned quite pertinently that any move to continue with the case would violate European standards of free speech and by that token weaken Turkeys bid for membership of the European Union. Bharti had spoken out against the double standards applied to party men on the issues of corruption and indiscipline. While doing the work post haste standards are given a goby and public funds being drained off without commensurate quality and durability they stated in the letter. It will cover 48 gram panchayats in the district in three years and envisages a qualitative improvement in sanitation standards of the target community. The survey of sanitation standards was conducted in Mysore taluk H.D. Kote Hunsur K.R. Nagar Nanjangud Periyapatana and T. Railway Minister Lalu Prasad has asked the railwaymen to pledge for achieving higher standards of passenger services. We also have to do a great deal in improving our performance in Touch and Feel areas and try to win the hearts of our esteemed passengers by setting new standards of punctuality cleanliness lighting safe drinking water quality food and bedrolls.