stand meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
stand meaning in tamil is நில், நிறுத்தம்

stand meaning in tamil with example

stand tamil meaning and more example for stand will be given in tamil.
Some of the initiatives taken by the Independent Commission for Peoples Rights and Development ICPRD during 2005 stand out as shining examples of attempts to restore the citizens faith in democracy. Indias foreign exchange reserves decreased by 950 million to stand at 144 billion during the week ended December 23 against 145 billion during the preceding week. Of his expectations he felt that introduction of a uniform civil code might be considered from the human rights angle though not from the political angle and it would stand to benefit human rights. The stand taken by the leaders of the Bharathiya Janata Party BJP against the expulsions was regrettable. We now have a biogas plant near the old bus stand where waste from fish and meat markets is processed. In the less severe punishments the student is asked to leave the class stand on bench kneel in front of class or school assembly sit on the floor sit by the dustbin. The Government had taken a surprising stand that the State had suffered no loss in the deal for renovation of power stations when the debate so far was on who was responsible for the loss. People rushing to board buses in Erode Municipal Bus Stand to visit their kith and kin for New Year celebrations. But if you stand back from the past few months and assess the whole year something more optimistic becomes clear the politics of global inequality has come of age. Frances stated case is that the Basel Convention regulations do no apply to war material a stand upheld by French courts.