stalk meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
stalk meaning in tamil is தண்டு

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stalk tamil meaning and more example for stalk will be given in tamil.
Without value addition the farmers cannot boost their income and poverty will continue to stalk rural areas he added. I instinctively took measures to get my baby and me out of harms way but the paparazzi continued to stalk us she said. Though the plant is in our garden for the past eight years only a few months back I noticed the stalk of the flower coming up from the middle of the rosette like plant. Instead the State after taking stalk of the alarming situation that prevailed following the devastation had directed the officials to verify the loss and compensate them appropriately. Since fear continued to stalk the people particularly the estate workers a trap was set at Bikkimora recently and a dog used as bait. Rao agreed with the need to decentralise power upto the village panchayat level lest poverty and backwardness would continue to stalk rural parts. In the case of cabbage one chopped cup of the vegetable has only 21 calories and a stalk of celery contains only around 10 calories. People of this remote village and surrounding places Ganga Samudram Dattapur Tondakur Noothupally and Nikhalpur are rushing to see a Ganapati shaped growth just above the main stalk of a lemon tree in an agriculture field of one Golla Buchimallu. Panic has gripped the residents of villages around Gopeshwar as a leopard continues to stalk them both nearer home and in the forests where they go to collect fuel and fodder. If a recent concept paper submitted by the Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology is taken to its logical conclusion cotton fibre and all other by products from a cotton plant stalk and seed can be value added and provide employment opportunities in rural areas.