stake meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
stake meaning in tamil is பங்கு

stake meaning in tamil with example

stake tamil meaning and more example for stake will be given in tamil.
There is no woman candidate in the Samajwadi Party from the Scheduled Tribes to stake claim for the Presidents post. Even if the Congress and the Janata Dal S come together along with the independent they still cannot stake claim for the key posts as they do not have the simple majority of 10 seats in the 18member body. It is roughly estimated that about 38 per cent of the equity capital of the listed companies is owned by FIIs and in quite a number of cases the stake is even 49 per cent and above where such large holdings have been permitted by the Central Government and the Reserve Bank. The spider certainly conveys to man that it too has a stake in this world and so it is going about its job of spinning a web around it nonchalantly. They both have much at stake 151 to show that campaigning can work and politicians can make a difference. Jewellery exporter SBT International Ltd on Monday said that it would acquire 100 per cent stake of Mimansa Jewellery Pvt. BHL which now has 90 per cent of the equity stake with the West Bengal government holding the remaining share. Till a few years ago KDCA A division league was the breeding ground for talent offering the right mix of challenges for cricketers to stake claim to the Andhra team. He said it was now up to the Finance Ministry to decide about selling the balance 10.24 per cent equity stake in the company. Only at times when national security is at stake should such methods be used he said adding that technology should not be misused in any sphere of life.