stain meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
stain meaning in tamil is கறை

stain meaning in tamil with example

stain tamil meaning and more example for stain will be given in tamil.
Overuse of voice constant speech without change in the pitch dusty environment exposure to chemical fumes cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption definitely stain ones vocal cords. Back then nicotine just beginning to stain the brain I had no idea where on the map of South America Brazil was. In that regard he typifies England as whole who have too often left a stain when they expected to make their mark. Oil stain Near Periya Agraharam the officials noticed a few people cleaning cloth with oil stain in the canal. Vats said Through this campaign we are trying to establish the fact that by washing one stain you can brighten the lives of many of the underserved children in Chennai. Apparently after the scandal involving him that had rocked the BJPs national council session in Mumbai in December 2005 his going was considered necessary to wash clean the stain that had been splattered on the character of RSS pracharaks. Besides the expo also displays vegetable choppers knives bowls face finger and foot massagers and wall hangings made of white metal stain removers mops hair clips and wooden dolls from Karnataka. But even if it is the latter the stain will remain the overriding feeling that Tony Blairs premiership was tainted with wrongdoing will persist.