stagger meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
stagger meaning in tamil is தள்ளாடு

stagger meaning in tamil with example

stagger tamil meaning and more example for stagger will be given in tamil.
However traffic police would announce the timings if any institution refuses to stagger the timings. students of Mahatma Gandhi University urged the university authorities to stagger the final semester examination schedule. This time the Government of Saudi Arabia had decided to stagger the departure timing of pilgrims from Meena to Mecca to avoid the stampede. The move to stagger implementation of quota for a minimum of three years was unacceptable to the PMK. The runrate was pegged back after the Lankans opted to stagger the application of the final Power Play. Unless this is done the State will continue to stagger from one crisis or another and remain caught in a vicious cycle of inefficiency suggest members of the organisation.