stable meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
stable meaning in tamil is நிலையான

stable meaning in tamil with example

stable tamil meaning and more example for stable will be given in tamil.
The year 2005 started with a political crisis that saw the exit of a relatively stable regime headed by Manohar Parrikar. Year 2005 the boom is back and it is a real and stable one unlike the earlier one says Yusuf Mehdi Senior VicePresident MSN Microsoft Corporation. Two kids from the citys chess stable brought laurels to the country with their stupendous performance in the Asian chess tournaments that concluded recently at New Delhi and Singapore. It is now clear that stable government in Israel is only possible on the basis of this sceptical postOslo consensus. At a time when farmers were facing an agrarian crisis the attempt should be to ensure stable prices the statement said. Through a series of ground tests a stable supersonic combustion was demonstrated at the VSSC for nearly seven seconds with an inlet Mach number of six six times the speed of sound the release said. The hospital authorities said that the health of the Siamese twins had not been stable for the last few days owing to jaundice infection. Overcoming this most serious of threats will deliver not only a more stable and less wasteful world but one in which new cleaner and more sustainable jobs can be generated in areas such as renewable energy systems and cleaner fossil fuel generation. But when he came to the camel in its stable the next morning he saw it licking up its justborn offspring which was struggling to get up and take a few steps. Agreeing with the exporters on the need for a stable policy regime and the adverse impact of the extension of the Duty Entitlement Pass Book DEPB scheme in fits and starts Mr.