stabbing meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
stabbing meaning in tamil is கத்திக்குத்து

stabbing meaning in tamil with example

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Police said Naveen Kumar a 38yearold former convict admitted to stabbing his wife Sunita Kumari 32 on February 28 after an argument over her loyalty to him. The realtor then took to his heels but Kanna Goud and Wilson chased him for over 500 yards before stabbing him to death on the Shasha PahadShantinagar main road in Lalaguda Gopalapuram ACP Mohd. Dacoits struck at a house in Chandanagar in the early hours of Friday by cutting open an acrylic dome on the roof and decamped with property worth Rs.4 lakhs after stabbing the house owner. A Delhi court on Monday sentenced a rusticated student of Class XI to rigorous life imprisonment for stabbing to death his school Principal when the latter refused to issue an attendance certificate to him. The incident threatened to take a communal turn with two incidents of stabbing reported including one from a neighbouring locality. As two stabbing incidents were reported from Fatehpura and the neighbouring Varasia police extended the curfew to five more areas 151 Panigate Vadi Navapura Raopura and Karelibagh 151 as a precautionary measure. The Nepal police charged him with drugging the two victims stabbing them and partially burning them before dumping the bodies in two separate locations one near Kathmandu airport and the other in a field near the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Bakhtapur. Victim Hari Shanker and seven others were on December 8 1997 picked up by Singh in a stabbing case and lodged in custody CBI claimed. Earlier the elections in the naxalaffected division concluded peacefully under tight security barring a single stabbing incident in Sikandalapur.