squeeze meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
squeeze meaning in tamil is அழுத்தம், அமுக்கம்

squeeze meaning in tamil with example

squeeze tamil meaning and more example for squeeze will be given in tamil.
Though the Ellis Nagar railway overbridge is closed for vehicular traffic motorists squeeze through available space causing hindrance to pedestrians. Singh said it had become clear that the U.S. wanted to use its promises made in the IndiaU.S. agreement to squeeze out benefits in other fields outside the agreement. It has also been about a tight squeeze on government expenditure through nearly two decades which has meant little spending on the poorer sections of the population. From Europe to West Asia to South Asia and SouthEast Asia the steady ramping up of the protests smacks of orchestration by elements in countries with Muslim populations that are out to squeeze political mileage out of the situation. Many farmers in the State have installed agriculture pumpsets of higher capacity to take advantage of the free power supply scheme and extract squeeze as much groundwater as possible. Another dimension to these changes in the labour market is the entry of countries such as China and India which given their large manpower can potentially squeeze out traditional players such as the Philippines. Bushs book and attempt a clever reformulation of the guiding principles so that he can squeeze India across the fence. The hulking figures of Flintoff and Harmison denied the Indians for over an hour 151 the sloppily dressed Harmison even pulled out the reverse sweep and the squeeze to thirdman. Though policemen are deployed during the peak hours the number is simply not sufficient to regulate four and threewheelers which manage to squeeze through the narrow space between two barricades placed on the GST Road opposite the level crossing.