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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
spying meaning in tamil is உளவறிதல்

spying meaning in tamil with example

spying tamil meaning and more example for spying will be given in tamil.
Even as British Prime Minister Tony Blair refused to be drawn into the controversy over Russian accusations of spying against British diplomats in Moscow the Foreign Office said it was concerned and surprised at the allegations and denied them. Though old Cold War enemies 151 such as Britain and Russia 151 have set up procedures to cooperate quite closely on counterterrorism they still indulge in a mutual spying game. The Pakistan Supreme Court on Thursday rejected one of the four review petitions filed by Sarabjit Singh who is facing death sentence on charges of spying and carrying out a series of bomb blasts in the country at the behest of an Indian intelligence agency. Singh seeking a review of its verdict upholding the award of death sentence by lower courts for alleged acts of spying and carrying out series of bomb blasts in different cities of Pakistan. Lee the target of a Federal investigation in 1999 for allegedly spying for China while working in a laboratory in New Mexico the media houses will pay him a combined amount of 750000. U.S. authorities have however made it clear that the money to Mr. But people need to be assured that the data that governments collect by spying on the citizens private lives will not be abused. New York A boardroom spying furore at HewlettPackard has cost the computer companys chairman her job bringing down one of the most powerful and respected women in corporate America. While he did serve with the Federal Security Service or FSB a successor to the Sovietera KGB he had nothing to do with spying or counterespionage.