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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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While living in the competitive world students should try to follow Gandhian principles viz. nonviolence fearlessness tolerance truth sprit of swedeshi and nonobservance of untouchability he said. Jayaprakash who had been attacked by the socalled sprit mafia at a private hospital in Kollam on Tuesday. Later a monk from the group told a TV station that they intended to stop all peace campaigns in the South as such activities would demoralise the fighting sprit of the Armed Forces.Allround condemnation ensued but the group which led the monks to attack the rally was far from discouraged. It is this sprit of dynamism 151 central to the radical socioreligious Vachana movement 151 that has made new interpretations of the poetry of Basavanna and his contemporaries possible many times over in the last 900 years.