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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sportsman meaning in tamil is விளளயாட்டு வீரர்

sportsman meaning in tamil with example

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ANNAMALAI CHETTIAR GOLD CUP 1600m 3yo only Turbulent Force Predappio 151 Regal Dancer 54 Rajendra Singh 1 Lord Of Vision 54 Prem 2 Royal Heir 54 Senthil Kumar 3 and Sportsman 54 M. Only human And no single sportsman 151 not even a Bradman or an Ali or a Sampras 151 performed at any patented peak level from start to finish. Seera Jayaram a native of Kurupam represented the country in Seoul Asiad and received Arjuna award and the Best Sportsman of Services award while Chinta Pratap Kumar won a medal in the Asian athletics championships. But then there comes a time in the career of every sportsman 151 even the greatest 151 when neversaydie spirit becomes a sort of excess baggage that can lead to embarrassment from being a virtue that could lead him to greater glory. Just as the sportsman spirit was necessary for sportspersons to reach greater heights character and virtues was necessary for the youth to come up in life and make a mark in society. They dont deserve to be located in the same ground or country as an outstanding sportsman who has served with distinction and always with absolute commitment. As a sportsman I very well know the difficulties and obstacles faced by budding youngsters who aspire to make it big in sports. He is also an accomplished sportsman who has made his mark in various sports events including basketball volleyball and athletics apart from serving as an oarsman in the Nehru Trophy Boat race. Tall and strapping Mohan Rao was a versatile sportsman and turned in exemplary performances in every sport he practised.