spoilt meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
spoilt meaning in tamil is கெட்டுப்போன

spoilt meaning in tamil with example

spoilt tamil meaning and more example for spoilt will be given in tamil.
Mayor Ken Livingstone regretted that the strike spoilt a great night out for hundreds of thousands of Londoners and there were fears that Londons New Year Parade on Monday could also be affected as train services are not likely to be fully restored before noon. Balakrishna Avalakki has made it a habit to win cross country and half marathons at the State level and in the process the Dharwad lad spoilt MEGs clean sweep of the medals in the mens section of the State cross country championship that was held here on Sunday. We spoilt one such effort by converting another open space to a playing ground for children overnight. Arnab Basak New Delhi The future of the country it appears is in the hands of spoilt brats who have the option of going berserk whenever they like. Not only did the incident leave an unsavoury taste in the mouths of those attending the ceremony and spoilt the party it also left the contractor poorer by Rs. He admitted that there are differences among Congress leaders in Kodagu which had spoilt the party prospects and added he would make efforts to sort out the differences. And with global players like Sony Kenwood Alpine and Blaupunkt fuelling demand with aggressive marketing efforts customers today are being spoilt for choice. Speakers said multinationals gave very little employment opportunities for local people but spoilt natural resources. Raghavan termed as totally absurd the argument by some that Nehrus socialism had spoilt the economy. Sixteenyearold Karan Kadam spoilt what would have otherwise been a fine day for teammate C.S. Santhosh in the first leg of Gulf dirt track National championship on Sunday.