spite meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
spite meaning in tamil is வஞ்சம்

spite meaning in tamil with example

spite tamil meaning and more example for spite will be given in tamil.
He said that the Government felt that if the downward trend was not arrested buffalo rearing could be totally wiped out in the State.This in spite of the fact that there were several pockets in Kerala which were ideal for buffalo rearing. Sri Devi Vision SDV has been providing this to its viewers for the last two years and continues to do so in spite of many satellite channels converting into pay channels. In spite of 16.07 per cent growth in exports by 7.9 billion the oil bill has risen by 8.41 billion and nonoil imports by 10.79 billion. The Chairman and Managing Director said the appreciable growth during 2005 was achieved in spite of operating at around 120 per cent of plants rated capacity. One tends to ignore them in spite of being fully informed. Icons of the youth such as Jackie Shroff Sunidhi Chauhan and Rahul Dravid have expressed their solidarity with SWAT. The intraregional trade in SAARC could not go above four per cent of the total trade of the region in spite of the South Asian Preferential Trade Agreement owing to its halting progress and very limited coverage of the trade basket. The Chowara Scheme with a capacity of 63 mld million litres per day of water is nearing completion fast in spite of minor delays according to V.D. Satheesan MLA. In spite of crop yield improvements in droughtprone areas the development gap between Green Revolution and droughtprone regions has widened. But in spite of all legislative and administrative measures consumer protection still remained a myth even after 20 years.