spirituality meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
spirituality meaning in tamil is ஆன்மீக உணர்வு

spirituality meaning in tamil with example

spirituality tamil meaning and more example for spirituality will be given in tamil.
He had drawn a clear distinction between spirituality and communalism which are as dissimilar as nectar and poison. It is a transition 151 a turning point from materiality to spirituality in human life 151 in which nature shows the way to spiritual transformation. They also agreed that the spirituality in Carnatic music had no parallel. Describing the opportunity he got to inaugurate the aradhana as gods grace he said it coincided with the sixtieth year of his playing the mrithangam. Brahmakumaris were stressing that spirituality was necessary to create a valuebased society and have been conducting many programmes in this direction. It was also an indication that the rocket scientist and the missile man of India combined science with spirituality as was evident in his inaugural speech which was replete with poetry and his zest for philosophy. For a Hindu there is the distinction between religion and spirituality and the spirit of accommodating even the agnostic. Valuebased education Asked about the role of spirituality in a globalising world he said even economically prosperous societies were not happy. In the past spirituality played a big role in ensuring peace in the minds of the people she said adding that 80 per cent of diseases were being caused by mental tension lack of peace of mind. What is conductive to good noninjury and preservation of all creatures is Dharma. He said that the sidelining of spirituality in modern times was what led to a spurt in terrorism even in a country like India.