spiral meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
spiral meaning in tamil is சுருளி, சுருளான

spiral meaning in tamil with example

spiral tamil meaning and more example for spiral will be given in tamil.
The multistoreyed building has spiral shaped ladders that run all around the inner wall of the building. Expressing the Governments relief over the agreement by the Tamil to resume talks he said We have to start and ensure that we will make an environment conducive to the peace process. Expressing the hope that the recent spiral of violence would end Mr. Vicious spiral Immorality in the electoral process was creating a vicious spiral in which people and politicians were equally responsible M. I have been appalled by what I have heard about the terrifying numbers of farmers who having become so ensnared in a vicious spiral of debt and declining incomes have been driven to take their own lives. Also they can create awareness among people so that the incidence of theft does not spiral out of control. V.S. Sambandan Will the situation spiral out of control or will it ultimately veer back to the path of negotiations. These need careful interpretation to even hazard a guess as to what is in store for South Asias bloodiest internal conflict 151 whether the situation will spiral out of control or ultimately veer back to the path of negotiations. The downward spiral for the region according to some residents started in the early 1990s where major factories shut shop leaving hundreds of the labour class unemployed. Chidambaram said the price spiral in the world market was artificial and unjustified. Asked how long the price hike in India could be deferred he said Not very long. There was zero excise and customs duty on kerosene and LPG.