spill meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
spill meaning in tamil is இறைத்தல்,கொட்டுதல்

spill meaning in tamil with example

spill tamil meaning and more example for spill will be given in tamil.
To complement the problem customers negotiating with the platform vendors spill on to the road reducing the motorable space on the potholed road. Just like the water in a bucket does not spill when it is swung around people living in the spaceship will not fall out because it is in orbit explained Nikhil and Jesse Daniel Raj students from St. For instance drivers had been asked to cover the loaded lorries so that the earth or sand carried by them did not spill out and cause dust pollution. Now with dumping renewed at the same place garbage is piled up several feet high and threatens to spill over to adjacent compounds. Prasar Bharati should use the signals only for terrestrial transmission and reduce the power of its satellite so that the signals would not spill over into the neighbouring countries or West Asia. Necessary precautionary steps had been taken to prevent spill out even due to heavy winds and the station was equipped with a well designed roof top and side coverings to restrict wind effect as well as rainwater seepage. The boat would use inboard diesel engine that would cause minimum pollution unlike the outboard engines that spill oil into the water bodies said Mr. Just opposite the bank a corporation public bath is situated which is misused for washing vehicles creating unnecessary block on the road and the spill over water is stagnating causing inconvenience to the bank clientele. MLAs expressed concern that some spill over works have not been completed for the last two years due to lack of funds.