sphere meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sphere meaning in tamil is கோளம்

sphere meaning in tamil with example

sphere tamil meaning and more example for sphere will be given in tamil.
If this does not happen all responsibility for a possible aggravation of RussianUkrainian relations in the gas sphere and for problems Kievs actions will create for European countries will devolve on the Ukrainian side said the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Sunday. Rajasekhara Reddy has said that the State Government is fully prepared to utilise the forthcoming global events in Hyderabad to propel the State into a new sphere of development mode. In the sphere of religion the emphasis is on performance of the prescribed scriptural injunctions which is the fundamental requirement of human life in the world. Sainath Theres a clamour for publicprivate partnerships in the sphere of Indian health care. One misguided notion is that great changes in rural health can be brought about without substantial increases in public fund allocations. All it needs is that mantra publicprivate partnerships. Odd since there is very little that is public left in the sphere of health care. The emphasis was very much on facing fast bowling as the batsmen first practised against a specially made synthetic ball on a concrete pitch then had routine nets before coping with a bowling machine hurling the sphere at varied speeds. Only at times when national security is at stake should such methods be used he said adding that technology should not be misused in any sphere of life. Together under the umbrella of the first World Assembly on Labour and the Environment we will chart a new and forward looking agenda aimed at taking organised labour and the global environment into a new sphere of cooperation.