spend meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
spend meaning in tamil is செலவிடு

spend meaning in tamil with example

spend tamil meaning and more example for spend will be given in tamil.
A writer dramatist poet and an employee of Krishna Jala Nigam Ltd. Belgaum he looked back fondly when he used to spend New Year eves with his close friends. 1 Spend more time with family and friends People vow to appreciate loved ones and spend more time with family and friends. The Corporation would have to spend nearly Rs.3 lakhs every year by a rough estimate besides the cost of operating a vehicle and to provide essential services. With toddlers hanging on to their parents and children dressed in bright blue jeans looking proudly at their new purchase it was a chance to spend a lazy day catching up with forgotten pleasures. Vikas from second year Electronics and Electrical Engineering feels that he has to stop bunking and spend more time attending classes. Bangarappa said while the deserving poor candidates from weaker sections could not spend even within the limit fixed there were instances of lavish spending by candidates. These are the same people who spend their lives waiting for the personal epiphany the Damascene moment when they burst out of their underachieving chrysalis and show the world what they are really made of. He subsequently went to Tiruvannamalai district and on Saturday was seen heading back to Chennai where he plans to spend at least 15 days. Coach John Bracewell confirmed Fleming had asked to spend a few more days at home and will not rejoin the New Zealand team until the third match in his hometown Wellington on Friday. They too could spend more time in prison if it turns out they did ingest drugs or tried to hide them in their body cavities.