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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
spelling meaning in tamil is எழுத்துக்கோர்வை, சொல்வதெழுதுதல்

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Aside from spelling out the schedule of registration fees the categorisation of routes and other information related to the new regime they have made it clear that locomotive allocation and priority in operation will be on firstcumfirstserved basis. Those interested can participate in the Annapurna National Spelling Bee Contest 2006 which starts on Friday. Over 5000 students will participate in the National Spelling Bee Contest 2006 organised by Annapoorna Salt in eight cities across the country. Bharath of Annapoorna Salt said Our aim is to take the contest to 1 million children every year. We conducted surveys and mock tests for students and found that their spelling proficiency has been deteriorating. It is interesting to note that many of the winners of the Spelling Bee contests held in the US are children of Indian origin. While the filmmaker need not worry about any new kid aspiring to snatch his claim the Indian American from Poway California who won the 78th Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee Competition will now have children in Delhi competing to take a little bit of his fame closer home. And giving them a shot at the spelling bee winning glory is Annapurna Salt at the National Spelling Bee Contest 2006. A quiz not for those dependant on the spellcheck function of computers the spelling bee rather a new concept in India targets children from Class IV to Class VII across Delhi Cochin Chandigarh Hyderabad Bangalore Pune Chennai and Kolkata. Conducted by wellknown quizmaster Giri Pick Brain Balasubramaniam called so for his ability to questions the spelling bee will be held at Air Force Auditorium here this coming Tuesday.