speedily meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
speedily meaning in tamil is வெகுவிரைவாக

speedily meaning in tamil with example

speedily tamil meaning and more example for speedily will be given in tamil.
Babu inaugurated Pravasi Vishesh NRI Cell at the banks Yerramukkapalle branch to enable NRI customers to speedily credit their cheque. Village resource centres could use the Internet to speedily obtain information and supply a wealth of knowledge that could improve the productivity of people. However the authorities must look speedily into complaints that the compensation is inadequate and ensure that the money is promptly paid. Yet in natures scheme of things these large birds perform the vital function of speedily disposing of dead animals before their bodies rot and spread disease. Kalam called for creation of innovative managerial mechanisms to ensure that the funds were utilised speedily with commercial success in mind. We hope the U.S. administration will speedily obtain the approval of the U.S. Congress and the Nuclear Suppliers Group to fully operationalise the deal the statement said. The network is expected to help the State embark speedily on the convergence bandwagon of the telecom services. He said 14 ambulances are kept in the ready at various locations to speedily transport emergency cases to hospitals. He said 14 ambulances have been kept ready at various locations to speedily transport emergency cases to hospitals. Maharashtra is speedily executing foreign direct investment FDI projects and its rate of implementation is the highest in the country 49 per cent. Final year students would register their profile to enable the University to speedily collect data and cut down expense and delay in sending material though post.