speculate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
speculate meaning in tamil is ஊகஞ்செய்

speculate meaning in tamil with example

speculate tamil meaning and more example for speculate will be given in tamil.
He did not want to speculate on what would happen if the leading DPA constituent Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam denied the Congress its rightful share saying the question was hypothetical. Our position is when we leave we will not have any bases there. He did not speculate when that might be though he said the U.S. could not stay in the region for as long as its forces have remained in Germany or Japan. One can also speculate whether the newspaper would have splashed it on the front page if the findings had been different. ASADA on Wednesday said it cannot comment on if and when van Tienen would be questioned or speculate on any operational matters. When a human being begins to speculate on the what why and how of ones life he enters into the most baffling yet meaningful enquiry. Until investigators make some headway into the bombing of the Jama Masjid we can only speculate what the message of the attack might have been. Fifty years ago we might have thought How wonderful to live in a country with all these wonderful treasures. Now we are likely to speculate on who stole them and how soon they will be handed back. Mohammad Basheer enjoys a good equation with his voters people openly speculate about a drop in his vote share. 9 21 Steps taken to stare soundly 5 23 Hard to rest on course assembly 5 24 Speculate and see the ring do well 8 27 Status of players in a RU team turning out. Clearly the decision on security handover will be a matter for the Iraqi Government and we are not going to speculate about when this decision might be made said a British Ministry of Defence official.