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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
spectators meaning in tamil is பார்வையாளர்

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I lost in the junior final to Koshy Muthalaly who by the way did opt for a career in medicine though he was one of our most promising players in badminton ever. He said he was pleasantly surprised to see so many spectators for the National juniors at Kozhikode. We have constructed a galley in the outdoor stadium to accommodate 2000 spectators and beneath the gallery we have provided a dormitory to players with all facilities says Mr. While the ribtickling antics of the clown sustains the interest of children daredevilry such as delicate balancing acts keep the spectators spellbound. It is a sort of treat to a large number of spectators to see over 5000 Scouts and Guides from different parts of the State assembled at the MBA College grounds the venue of the event in their uniforms. The galleries were full with spectators most of whom had only heard about the great exploits of these soccer legends. The artists may not have professional touch but they enthralled the spectators with their performance. All athletes their mangers coaches and foreign delegates including spectators should be urged to plant saplings in specified places. I believe the Indian board had some reservations but that explanation is bizarre because it deprives spectators of full days of cricket. Crowds raced to bridges across London as the barge made its way toward open sea with some spectators leaning over railings and others darting through traffic from one side to the other as the vessel passed underneath.