spectator meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
spectator meaning in tamil is பார்வையாளர்

spectator meaning in tamil with example

spectator tamil meaning and more example for spectator will be given in tamil.
The intention of the competition held at the convention was to document and analyse a settlement which had remained a silent spectator to the changing world. Geet for most part was a spectator as his young rival kept getting the long pot and the cuts to perfection not to speak of his ability to sink the colours. Is Indian democracy so vulnerable that it can look a helpless spectator to this subversion The sevenpage memorandum traced the history of the Bofors deal and dwelt on the steps taken by the NDA regime in the matter. The State unit of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions CITU has termed the ongoing economic reforms antipeople antilabour and inhuman and alleged that the Government is a mute spectator to the violation of labour laws in the State. The Government remained a passive spectator even as the tomato prices fell to an alltime low of 10 paise per kg in Kurnool district. The fishery life comes with vibrant colours and in a variety of shapes that makes the spectator spellbound. The team led by III year architecture students with the support of juniors and seniors and guidance by staff members documented a 14th century old settlement which has remained a silent spectator to a changing world. Anbalagan said that it was also perplexing that the Congress Government in Pondicherry was a mute spectator to the Central Ministers efforts. Instead of being a mere spectator to the rising crop of fresh graduates without employable qualities industry in Tamil Nadu seems keen on shaping up a multipronged strategy to address the issue.