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Accounting for more than 50000 varieties of rice and millets India possesses myriad species of flora and fauna. Life on earth is possible because of biodiversity found in ecosystems diversity species diversity genetic diversity. If naturalists and amateur ornithologists are to be believed there are over 100 resident species of birds in the Karanji Lake at any point of time. While Ranganathittu plays host to winged beauties from early summer to the onset of winter the number of species is low and only the white ibis night heron stone plover cormorants and kingfishers to name a few birds come to roost in the riverine islands. In Kerala it is possible to find all the major venomous species of snakes that can be found in India. Nearly 5000 angiosperm species have been reported from the Western Ghats of which 2000 are endemic. Several species of cereals pulses millets oilseeds vegetables fruits and tuber crops are the direct descendants from the agroflora of the Western Ghats. An expert in taxonomy of nematodes Dr.Tahseen has made critical observations on the structure and morphology of bacteriophagous and predatory species of nematodes using light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The wing had also raised 50 species of medicinal plants to encourage the public to raise them in their kitchen garden. A Peoples Biodiversity Register which can act as a legal safeguard against biopiracy will be kept in each locality to chronicle the available varieties of plant and animal species common to the region Mr.