spear meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
spear meaning in tamil is ஈட்டி

spear meaning in tamil with example

spear tamil meaning and more example for spear will be given in tamil.
One such related to a picture Football fever of Gajarani Darshini the elephant of the Sree Padmanabhaswami temple Thiruvananthapuram executing a throw of a ball. T.K.D. Nair of Arakinar Kozhikode said he detected the mahouts spear with its sharp end just below the elephants chin. 68 Down 2 Slender spear of South African tribes 7 3 The point of scratching. The pageant started with spear wielding policemen dressed in Travancoreera uniforms marching past the VIP enclosure. When some of the lawyers handed over the spear to him they only expected the Judge to make a casual gesture marking the formal inauguration of the event. But the jurist surprised the onlookers as he took a few steps backwards came running and flung the spear as hard as he could inviting a loud applause from the audience. The first year B com student of Mar Ivanios College who hails from Haryana threw the spear to 64.7m to break Shaul Hameeds record 61.62m set way back in 1977.