spark meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
spark meaning in tamil is தீப்பொறி

spark meaning in tamil with example

spark tamil meaning and more example for spark will be given in tamil.
Im sorry to say we didnt feel that strongly about your work. There was bad news from yet another agent Barbara Levy who thought that although the novel was quite original there was not enough spark in it to interest her. By regularly cleaning the carburettor spark plug and checking tyre pressure nearly 16 per cent of fuel could be conserved. To capitalise on the spark of public interest the campaign based on a thematic mode launched on World AIDS Day December will be run for another two months. MANGALORE PLATE 1600 m rated 15 below Spark Of Fire Enrico 151 Charming Heart 60.5 Appu 1 High Profile 54.5 Christopher 2 Great Seal 62 Afsar Khan 3 and Kirstenbosch 56 Harish 4. Babu CA in quarterfinals Babu Cricket Academy entered the quarterfinals of the Richards Trophy districtlevel cricket tournament defeating Spark Cricket Club by 23 runs in Madurai on Sunday. Sri Lankas Tillakaratne Dilshan ran out four Australian batsmen on Friday to spark a 22run victory in the first final of the triseries limited overs series. The athlete who recently gave up competitive sport to have a family carried the torch to spark a volley of fireworks that travelled up a spire to light the Olympic cauldron. CHARMUDI GHAT PLATE Div II 1600 m rated 10 to 25 Saturn Star Be Fresh 151 Brocade 57 Christopher 1 Flying Spur 59 Arun Rao 2 Spark Of Fire 56 Shobhan Babu 3 and Graceful Lady 55 I.Chisty 4. Fifth win However AGORCs Muthu pulled one back just before the break to spark some interest. Shobhan Babu rider of Spark Of Fire was fined Rs.1000 for excessive use of whip first infringement in the same race.