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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
spaceship meaning in tamil is விண்கலன்

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An astronaut team from Hyderabad Space Architects have borrowed his punchline to design a spaceship that is a step towards the creation of another earth away from earth. The Space Architects teamed up with the Arcane Quest from Patiala to design a spaceship at the Asian finals held in Chandigarh this January. This spaceship would serve as a shuttle as well as an intermediate resort between Earth and Mars said Vignan Pattamatta from FIITJEE Junior College who headed the winning team. Space ferry In the semifinals we designed another spaceship called Aresam that orbited Mars. The spaceship that we designed in the Asian finals was meant to ferry people and cargo between Earth and Aresam. We have provided for food acquisition industries waste management generating resources within the spaceship and at other times using resources from Earth. Just like the water in a bucket does not spill when it is swung around people living in the spaceship will not fall out because it is in orbit explained Nikhil and Jesse Daniel Raj students from St. Hawking publicly spoke of his desire to go into space and made an appeal to Sir Richard Branson whose company Virgin Galactic is building a suborbital spaceship that could be flying passengers as early as 2009. As per the schedule now I along with five of my copassengers will be aboard Spaceship Two the vehicle that will take us for the suborbital space tourism adventure by the middle of 2008 said Mr.