sophisticated meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sophisticated meaning in tamil is மதிநுட்பமிக்க, அதிநவீன

sophisticated meaning in tamil with example

sophisticated tamil meaning and more example for sophisticated will be given in tamil.
The Government should immediately reinforce the police intelligence wing and provide sophisticated weapons to the police they said. Devoid of the trappings of sophisticated city life and urban manners these children are more receptive and respond more easily to the loose regimen at the theatre. K.R.R. Engineering will fabricate one more dished end vessel. K.R. Ramaswaamy managing director of the SSI unit said the company had grown into a sophisticated manufacturing facility since its inception in 1974. They continue to be armed with the antique .303 rifles and it would be difficult for them to counter terrorists possessing sophisticated weapons such as AK56 assault rifles the sources said. The implementation of plans for installing a sophisticated and elaborate security system complete with a centralised security frame with surveillance cameras put up in different places of the sprawling campus its Registrar D. Fibre optic technology research and development requires such a sophisticated and expensive environment the simplicity of use in the field is easily missed. Lack of resources including sophisticated weapons modern equipment other infrastructure and the absence of a proper mechanism to train and motivate police personnel are some of the reasons for police vulnerability. The secretary of the Bihar Policemens Association BPMA K.K. Jha claims that the police force does not even have sophisticated weapons to take on the Naxalites. Jha alleged that 70 per cent of the personnel still carry World War IIvintage rifles which are no match to the sophisticated weapons and explosives of the Naxalite groups.