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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
so meaning in tamil is அதனால், ஆகையால், எனவே

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I lost in the junior final to Koshy Muthalaly who by the way did opt for a career in medicine though he was one of our most promising players in badminton ever. He said he was pleasantly surprised to see so many spectators for the National juniors at Kozhikode. Avail benefits He appealed to the Chief Minister to send the recommendation for declaring the sects as ST so that they may also avail all the concessions and benefits given to the community people in other places. Government eye hospitals have to conduct 5000 operations out of which they have done so far 3708 operations. The target for voluntary organisations is 12000 out of which they have done so far 11000 operations. Different sections of people had been approaching padayatra to pour their woes and some of them had even gone to the extent of saying that nobody had visited them like this to know their problems so far the party leaders claimed. As the world is changing so must we... I want to usher in a new type of politics in this country constructive thoughtful and openminded he said. The scheme and format of the lesson plan follows the traditional pattern of instruction so that continuity is maintained. To improve matters it had been planned to strengthen anganwadis so as to release them from sibling care Mr. Camps were being organised in all districts to screen for congenital heart ailments among children and free treatment had been so far provided to 4000 of the 6000 those identified. He suggested that committees comprising persons not connected with the school especially representatives of nongovernmental organisations are appointed to each school to provide counselling so that the students would disclose their problems to the committee without any fear.