sniff meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sniff meaning in tamil is நுகர்

sniff meaning in tamil with example

sniff tamil meaning and more example for sniff will be given in tamil.
Hard to be infected A person would have to dry out chicken meat and would have to sniff the carcass to be at any risk. The extra bounce might give Indias spinners an early sniff 151 their rabid reactions to such invitations are well known. Nevertheless its Ashes series would be closely followed by its opponents and if England manages to pull a trick or two out of its hats well then every team will sniff a chance. Credit to the Indians for having a sniff at some stage said Lara they batted very well but we knew it was not going to be a demolition job. Sangakkara is someone who enjoys the sniff of a battle is not averse to saying a word or two to the adversaries. Where the possible wisdom of a mans book is irrelevant what matters is what scandal we can sniff out.