sneak meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sneak meaning in tamil is பதுங்கிச் செல்

sneak meaning in tamil with example

sneak tamil meaning and more example for sneak will be given in tamil.
I refuse to believe that the Pakistan Army personnel along the Line of Control do not have knowledge when the terrorists sneak in. But Delhi skipper Amit Bhandari swung cleanly to ensure only a freak fourth day or a sudden breakout of ineptitude in the visitors will let Tamil Nadu sneak through. 20 Inner sand 1400m Sneak Preview Appu 135 1400600 51. The Andamans police are planning to sneak into a forbidden island to retrieve the bodies of two castaways killed by members of an isolated tribe officials said on Tuesday. They are coming out in large numbers and so let things cool down and once the tribals move to the islands other end well try and sneak in the police chief told AFP over telephone from Port Blair. Police were baffled as to how the miscreants managed to sneak into the Photo Future shop since all locks of the shutter remained intact. A preevent assessment of the cars will be done on February 18 with spectators getting a sneak peek of the grand finale on Sunday. Fedak let one or two sneak out when performing the matchs final rites but otherwise played a gentle hitting game till Isha put a full stop to the encounter with an error. Panesar will relish the memory of Redkars dismissal getting the ball to sneak round the leg with the batsmen attempting to disrupt the England leftarm spinners line with a sweep. The line length pace could all vary creating a mystical course for the ball to sneak past the defence and thud into the stumps or pads. The final was just seconds away from being decided on penalties when Javeed managed to sneak inside the box and lob the ball over Kozhikode goalkeeper Noufal to score the winner.