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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
smoking meaning in tamil is புகைத்தல்

smoking meaning in tamil with example

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A large number of foreign visitors were attracted by their everrevolving potter wheel that helped them makepots nonstick ware flower vases and even a smoking pipe. 4 Quit smoking If one has resolved to make this the year that he stamp out his smoking habit overthecounter availability of nicotine replacement therapy now provides easier access to proven quitsmoking aids. This has brought about dramatic changes in their lives and exposed them to health risks such as drugs smoking and unprotected sexual activities. The SWAT Students Working Against Tobacco team was out in full force determined to boot out smoking among students. The key message is you dont need to smoke to gain social acceptance and that smoking is not cool. This message is likely to have a stronger impact on teenagers than mundane facts about hazards of smoking or gory images of canceraffected body parts. Since the entire court premises had been declared as a No Smoking Zone Judge Nagarajan ordered Mariadoss to clean the dust and cobwebs in and around his court hall. 151 AP Amitabh apologises Panaji Actor Amitabh Bachchan has apologised to an antitobacco group that served a legal notice on him for appearing in an advertisement showing him smoking a cigar. We will not be able to stop students from smoking on the campus anyway so how will a ban on the sale of cigarettes help. Admitting that the proposal was passed keeping in mind the general atmosphere of the campus a CDC member said although ideally it would have been good to ban smoking on the campus it was not practical.