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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
smoke meaning in tamil is புகை

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These include additional water tanks smoke detectors sprinklers fire extinguishers escape routes and the likes to make the structure reasonably safe for occupants. Seeing smoke billowing out of the house a neighbour Jose broke open a door and saved Chettiar from the fire. The garbage is burnt regularly creating a thick wall of smoke that reduces visibility photo especially near the Chakravarthi Colony. The key message is you dont need to smoke to gain social acceptance and that smoking is not cool. This message is likely to have a stronger impact on teenagers than mundane facts about hazards of smoking or gory images of canceraffected body parts. He started off in brilliant fashion with a forehand that would have nearly created a bit of smoke on the court and finished with a splendid volley making it 01 in his favour. J amia Millia Islamia may have taken the bold step of making its campus smokefree without much ado but creating much smoke on the Jawaharlal Nehru University JNU campus these days is a mild attempt that never quite took off. Activists and the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board TNPCB are trying their best to drive out the smoke from Bhogi celebrations this year. Heavy toxic smoke from the waste would also curtail the visibility thus leading to many traffic accidents. People who inhale the poisonous smoke from these burning waste are prone to various diseases concerning with lungs and cancer says its coordinator S. The police said large explosions rocked the area around 11.55 a.m. Local people who reached the spot could not access the building owing to intense heat smoke and flames.