smash meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
smash meaning in tamil is இடி, நொறுக்கு

smash meaning in tamil with example

smash tamil meaning and more example for smash will be given in tamil.
It is certain that we will achieve success in rehabilitation measures as we have succeeded in fulfilling the relief measures. Let us face the natural obstacles and smash the manmade impediments she said. With Imphal custodian Herojit Singh charging out Kulwinder Singh dived to smash the ball into the open goal. Paess forehand winner saved the inevitable for a moment before Mikes backhand smash sealed the match. One night he returned home in an inebriated condition and brought a boulder along with him saying he would smash her head and cut the body into pieces with the butcher knife he had Mr. For Swaroopa Rani a lecturer in chemistry at Montessori Mahila Kalasala it was time to keep organic and inorganic issues aside for a while and concentrate on how to execute overhead smash and lob the shuttle back into her rivals court. Hewlett Packard wins title Hewlett Packard GDIC won the team championship in the C.V. Gideon Memorial Trophy Ventures Serve Rally Smash corporate tournament here during the weekend. The ailing maker of Mario and Pokemon games has scored a smash hit by courting Japans burgeoning gray market with Brain Training for Adults 151 a number and puzzles game that Nintendo says can stimulate the brain and ward off dementia. The first published editions of Shakespeares work make teen mags like Smash Hits look positively Augustan. Superconducting accelerator cavities operating at temperatures near absolute zero will give the particles increasing energy till they smash in a blazing crossfire at the centre of the machine.