smart meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
smart meaning in tamil is கெட்டிக்காரர்

smart meaning in tamil with example

smart tamil meaning and more example for smart will be given in tamil.
The Lions Club of Cochin Smart City will organise a ganamela by a team of visually impaired singers on January 7 at Durbar Hall Grounds. A smart player who has been training in Boston for nearly a year Rupesh initially had trouble adjusting to the windy conditions. Imran Khan Awesome Win Shinde 118 1200400 49.5. They took a smart jump and former finished eight lengths in front. Muckhart Antony Hauhaiwunai Chary 119 100014 80052 60039 40027.5. They took a smart jump and former finished two lengths in front. It is amazing that in order to oblige a private company the Delhi Government issued arbitrary orders on the issue of replacing Registration Certificates with smart optical cards at rates that were much higher than those prevailing or being charged in other States. Mr. He demanded that the CVC enquire into all the irregularities and issue orders to roll back the conditions the Delhi Government had imposed on the people of Delhi in the name of issuing smart optical cards. In Stanford University U.S. since 1993 he heads the Smart Antennas group and is considered an international authority on the subject with 23 patents. Ascot Lady Srinath Craigielaw Imran Khan 139.5 1400600 51.5. They took a smart jump and eased up in the last part. Double Eve Days best Bountiful Beauty Double High Commissioner 151 Street Smart Jackpot 3 4 5 6 7. The rupee weakened against the U.S. currency on Tuesday adjusting to a downward correction and arrested a fivesession long smart rally as sustained strong foreign institutional investment inflows absorbed dollar demand from oil corporates and staterun banks reducing losses to the minimum.