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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
slump meaning in tamil is வியாபார மந்தம், கிராக்கியின்மை, விலை வீழ்ச்சி

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The terrible impact of neoliberal economics is reminiscent of the slump of the 1930s that brought revolution to many countries of Latin America. Indian leather exports are on track to achieve the 2675 million target set for the current financial year notwithstanding the slump in leather garment exports. Elangovan said there were three reasons for the slump in the global leather garment trade overall climatic change availability of costeffective alternative materials and competition posed by other items for the disposable income spent by consumers on leather garments. In a devastating display of power and technique Gilchrist revelling in his role as acting captain and playing in front of his home crowd feasted on the Sri Lankan bowling and smashed his way out of a form slump with four sixes and 10 boundaries. Also with the SubRegistrars office refusing to register any property above two and a half floors and properties that are not legally certified there has been a slump in the real estate market. Zaheer Khan has bowled well at the finish in the past with reverse swinging yorkers but there has been a sharp slump in his pace from the time he entered the international scene in 2000. Pursuant to the scheme of rehabilitation the JKSL cement division was acquired by the J.K. Cement as a going concernthrough a slump sale with effect from November 4 2004. After a marginal slump in production in the past three years attributed to droughts silk production in the country has recovered Dr.