slowly meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
slowly meaning in tamil is மெதுவாக

slowly meaning in tamil with example

slowly tamil meaning and more example for slowly will be given in tamil.
Mosquito repellent is introduced into the resin compound which when extruded enables the chemical to bleed very slowly out of the yarn 151 so slowly that the repellent remains effective for between five and seven years. Though born as normal children these girls slowly lost mobility when they were between 19 and 21 years of age owing to a mysterious syndrome. Saxena and Khanolkar however applied themselves and grafted for runs to not only arrest the slide but slowly took it to safer waters. Sources added that the public administration machinery under the watchful eyes of the courts will grind slowly but surely. First they get trained at the 9000 ft to 11000 ft level climbing up and down 300 metres at a time and then 900 metres and the body slowly gets used to the rapid changes. He said that India had rich mythology Veda Sastra and history and the western scholars had recognised the importance of these and now the Indians were slowly turning towards the past. Owing to constant persuasion by the BDA slowly they are trying to come under the influence of modernisation Mr. When result is not the motive for action Nishkama the mind of such a person will become elevated slowly and hence there is no necessity to do anything else 151 meritorious acts with the intention of acquiring spiritual merit Punya. Russia though slowly shifting towards the Wests position is still holding out hope that Teheran may yet accept a compromise. A courtesan who was determined to distract him from his singleminded devotion imposed herself on him and slowly he succumbed to her charm till he became obsessed with her.